12065671_10153472769425379_621270679190017625_nHey! I’m Melissa, a long term solo traveler originally from the UK.

I have been travelling alone for the past five years; having lived in California, Australia and Thailand.
By definition, I suppose I am what you travel folk call a “slow traveler” – by all means, there is no destination that is safe from the soles of my heels – I want to go everywhere but I don’t believe in hopping from country to country as fast as possible in order to simply cross a place off your list and gain another passport stamp; I like to spend time in the places I travel, immerse myself in the culture and get to know the locals. That’s what I want to share with you too – the local experience and the best kept secrets of the places that I visit.

How do I afford to travel?

People are often curious as to how I can afford to travel so much. I’m not rich (don’t let the British accent fool you!), I don’t have wealthy parents or a trust fund and I sure as hell don’t have a sugar Daddy (though the position is available if you want to fund my trips – I make a good risotto!) I pay for my trips through picking up local work where I can on working holidays – I’ve worked as a tour guide, a receptionist, in various soul destroying call centres through Australia and I did volunteer work in Asia in exchange for room and board.
By profession, I am a Sourcing Manager (*groan*) so that has enabled me to save for my trips when I’m in the UK.
Travel has always been my priority so I’ve made other sacrifices in order to fund this.

If I can give other Women the confidence to travel alone, then my job is done!
Have any questions on solo travel or particular destinations? I’d be happy to help you!

P.S. The Sugar Daddy thing was a joke… probably.

P.P.S If you are a Sugar Daddy and you’re reading this, let’s talk