High Heels & A Backpack has moved!

Hey guys! *waves crazily*

I am just posting here to let you know that my site has moved.
I made the decision to go from wordpress.com, to a self hosted site for a number of reasons..  I felt tired of the layout that I had on here and the limit that WordPress gave me on customizing the sites appearance; I also found that I was turning down work opportunities as a result.

Anyway! I have a saucy new layout, with Sexier travel imagery and the web address is still the same – http://www.highheelsandabackpack.com

At the moment I’m in Italy, I’ll be taking some cooking classes in Bologna, exploring Emilia Romagna region and then heading back to Asia.

The only downer of moving to a self hosted site is, (and actually it’s a pretty major downer for me so if anyone has any suggestions for work arounds I’m all ears to here them!) for whatever reason, wordpress.org doesn’t have the wordpress reader – *gasps* so sadly my posts don’t come up here any more, and I can’t see your new posts very easily either (aside from via mail newsletters) .. so as you can imagine it’s pretty lonely in the wordpress.org World    *watches tumble weed roll past* , *sniffles at the distant (two days ago) memory of seeing the little orange notification above the WordPress bell*

I hope you can all continue to read along, and I look forward to hearing more of your adventures too 🙂
I am SURE there must be an alternative to just the WordPress reader however I am a bit of a technophobe… though I look like a 20 something, on the inside I am an old British lady that frowns every time someone mentions Pinterest or ‘Snapchat’ .

See you soon!



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