On Weirdo watch at Venice Beach


… I don’t really like LA.

Okay, okay compose yourself. I have an explanation.

When I moved to California I had a glamorous image of Los Angeles based on all the episodes of 90210 and The OC I’d binge watched during breakups.
It has its nice places (if you have the cash) and of course there are the tourist sites you have to go and see whilst in California…

Obligatory crouching pose by a star on the Hollywood walk of fame… check!

Blurred photos of Celeb’s houses in Beverly Hills from the back of a bus… check!

Photo in front of the Beverly Hills sign like we can afford anything here… check!

But it’s also very sketchy in a lot of places, and don’t even get me started on LA traffic. The true California lifestyle is found in the beach towns (you can read my article on Santa Barbara here)

That said, the area of Venice Beach and Santa Monica is a lot of fun.
Every time my LA bestie and I catch up we head to Venice Beach for a sophisticated spot of day drinking and weirdo watching… actually as we sit here at 11am with a skate of 8 different ales drunkenly giggling at the men at Muscle Beach’s gym we are probably well fitted amongst them!

Who cares if it’s 11am? It’s 5 o’clock somewhere AM I RIGHT?


There’s a great three mile walk that starts at Venice Beach, passes the posers at Muscle Beach, and ends at the infamous Santa Monica Pier.

I love it here because anything goes. Far from the flashy vibes seen in the West Hollywood bars, you can grab a table at a bar in Venice and be seated between a smart International business man, and a 6″3 body builder in a mankini.

Okay it’s a little touristy, but even the locals love to come hang out here. If you’re an Ale fan like myself, check out the Venice Ale House for a ‘skate’ of 8-12 ales. However there’s a ton of eccentric, hippy-themed, Bob-Marley blasting bars along the Beach Walk so you won’t be spoilt for choice. For a maximum eccentric experience, head over to the Venice Beach freak show.


What were your Venice/Santa Monica highlights?


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  1. Elliot says:

    It’s been a long time since I was at Venice Beach, but this makes me want to revisit it and observe some of the craziness. I love the randomness and absurdity that some places have.


    1. haha there are a lot of characters in California.. Venice is a lot of fun for sure.


  2. I remember visiting Venice Beach for the first time. Was so surprised by the amount of weirdos I came across. It was so unlike the other beaches in LA. Love your post and couldn’t agree more.

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  3. Lucy says:

    Nice beach! Will return back and write my highlights once visit there 😉

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  4. Chantell says:

    Don’t worry, I am not a huge fan of LA either. It’s fun to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there. Venice Beach is a very interesting place too ha ha. Could get some good people watching done there.

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  5. Wooo!! I’ll be in LA at the end of the year and I can’t wait to spot all these wierdos! Thanks for the great tip, it is great to know there is more to LA than Disneyland and celeb houses!

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  6. Ha ha, I remember seeing a poodle that had been spray painted green when I was at Venice Beach.

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    1. haha that really doesn’t surprise me! :’)


  7. Anshula says:

    I love people watching. You get the same contrast in beaches in New York too (Wall Street weirdos to regular weirdos – got to love NY).

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    1. I absolutely LOVE NY! I’ll be on the look out when I’m back there hah.


  8. Interesting blog, we went to LA at a point in an attempt to break the music scene, spent 4 days got told we were rubbish, gave up and flew home. There are a lot of weirdos about. agreed.


    1. Sorry to hear it! Hope you at least enjoyed your time in CA otherwise!

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  9. I love Venice beach! Makes me laugh. But I totally agree with how sketchy LA is. I spent three weeks there last year and I feared for my life so many times even just standing on Hollywood Boulevard. Also, the public transportation is full of crazies – which is awkward because I didn’t have a car. Haha! It’s a love/hate thang!


  10. I love Venice beach! Everyone there makes me laugh and people-watching puts me in a great mood. But I totally agree with how sketchy LA is. I spent three weeks there last year and I feared for my life so many times even just standing on Hollywood Boulevard. Also, the public transportation is full of crazies – which is awkward because I didn’t have a car. Haha! It’s a love/hate thang!

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    1. Oh my gosh I am convinced that Hollywood Boulevard is the worst place! I’ve walked down there before and seen people being arrested on almost every corner and the public transport.. oh my gosh! I got on the Blue line once when I was going to watch the Lakers – never again!


  11. No shame in a little day drankin’.I’ve never been to LA, but its on the list. I heard that the pier is cool, but that there’s not much else to do for free or on the cheap. I’ve heard there is some decent hiking/hill-walking in LA…. and by “heard” I mean have seen on Real Housewives, The Hills, and various celeb Instagrams lol


  12. Sierra@TMWY says:

    My mom and dad grew up in LA area…so it also lost some of its charm for me as well. But Venice beach sounds lovely 🙂


  13. Adrienne Lee says:

    Venice Beach is definitely a place where anything goes:) Love the vibe – and the fresh fruit stands

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