Santa Barbara: 5 Awesome Things To Do In The American Riviera

In 2011 I was lucky enough to move to Santa Barbara on a student exchange program.
Now I make sure I come back and visit every couple of years to see my old friends [Like I really need an excuse right? Have you seen how beautiful this place is?] Let me show you how we do…


1. Hit the Beaches


East Beach, Santa Barbara

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves! The Santa Barbara Coastline is home to numerous beautiful beaches which are nowhere near as crowded as those in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Butterfly beach
Butterfly BeachSB palms


2. Go Wine Tasting!

Wine 1

Wine 2
Deep Sea Winery, Santa Barbara Pier

You’re in California wine Country here my friend! The Santa Ynez valley is about a 40 minute drive from Santa Barbara and there are a seemingly infinite number of vineyards here that you can stop by to try the produce.
Santa Barbara itself has a bunch of wineries – check out ‘The Funk Zone’ on lower Anacapa street. A lot of these places offer discounts/coupons so check with the Santa Barbara Tourist Centre by East Beach.
I like ‘Oreana’ Winery in the Funk Zone – you can try about 7 wines for only $10 a person and they are not stingy with their portions! For Wine with a view, check out Deep Sea Winery on the Santa Barbara pier.

3. Rent a Boat

Boat 1Boat 2Boat 3

I know it looks glamorous but those pictures only depict the first twenty minutes of my venture out to Sea. The remaining 40 were spent leaning over the side of the boat vomiting with my friend holding my hair back and reassuring me “You don’t look THAT ugly to say you’ve just been sick” Always full of flattery that one. Seasickness is a B*tch.
I was lucky enough to have a friend who had just bought himself a boat take us out on the Sea, but if there is a group of you, you can rent one from the Boat Harbour at a decent price.

You can also get across to the Santa Barbara Channel Islands in 30 minutes – uninhabited islands that apparently look how California would look if it was, well… uninhabited!
It was our plan to go there but unfortunately Vomit McGee here was the reason we had to turn back early… some other day!

4. Hit State Street

State 2

Visually, State Street is beautiful – all of the architecture in Santa Barbara has a Spanish Colonial style and it gives the town a Mediterranean feel.
High end stores, frozen yoghurt parlors and Independent Restaurants line the streets.
A number of parades and festivals take place down State St. for various events throughout the year – Cinco de Mayo, Summer Solstice, etc. They also have a Farmer’s Market every Tuesday which sells great local produce and baked goods.

State 1State palms

5. Polo in Paradise

Polo 1

They call it ‘Polo in Paradise’ for a reason – just look at that backdrop! The Santa Barbara Polo club is sponsored by Maserati so you can imagine the glamorous clientele it attracts. That said, there was no essence of pretentiousness here and it makes for a great day out.

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  1. Santa Barbera looks fabulous! So sorry for you getting sea sick though – were you ok when you got off the boat?

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    1. It’s such a lovely town! I much prefer the little beach towns in CA to the Cities. Haha so embarrassing! One of my friends made me some kind of drink for it – something with salts and bitters? Actually it may have just been a placebo effect LOL but I felt so much better when I got back on land!

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  2. Sher Jester says:

    Your photos are beautiful!

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