“Sing to your dessert! It will be even more delicious!” Tokyo Maid’s Cafe

“Ohayouuuu!! Could Maayan please come up to the stage?”
I threw my head back and cackled like a possessed Disney Witch as my friend was called and asked to join the Motley crew of waitresses dressed as French Maids, and a peculiar commentator guy dressed as a Rabbit (?) on the stage of the @Home Maid’s cafe in Tokyo, to then be forced to dance about like a prat in front of the entire cafe…but I shouldn’t have been so cocky… No-one is safe here and it was my turn next.

“Pick onMaid Cafe 1e! Pick one!” The waitress jumped up and down like an excited 8 year old as she handed me a box of costumes. Groan. I’m too bitter and British for this. I settled for this Rabbit hat…  apparently then it was customary to jump about and do Rabbit poses at the audience… who applauded. Only in Japan. I’ll never get over that shame. Don’t I look cute though?

There’s a kinda creepy vibe going on here – Men are “Masters” and Women are their Princesses (eye roll).  You get given a brochure of Women on entry and you can pick which one you want to serve you. Japanese blokes were loving it, my friend and I were the only Women in there so I’m sure we looked a right pair. For extra you can pay the Maids to talk to you and play games with you…

Sadly you’re not permitted to take photos in the cafe (except for of your food!) – everything is cutesy cutesy themed – pink walls, pink chairs, pink floor – like a Child’s Wendy House gone wrong.
Even the Menu is cutesy cute – just look at my pancakes! They were delicious, don’t worry – the Maids had me singing to them to ensure “maximum deliciousness” I guess it worked…


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  1. cmblackwood says:

    I love the title of the post — made me HAVE to look at it. 🙂

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    1. Haha I have SO much time for desserts!

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      1. cmblackwood says:

        Shouldn’t everybody? 🙂

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  2. ha yes I think so.. almost like a law 🙂


  3. equinoxio21 says:

    Hi Melissa. (Finally found a place to comment) Thank you for joining the “Followship of the Equinox”. You do have a very dry Brit sense of humour. 🙂
    Will be back. Cheers.
    (Risotto is not exactly an english dish is it?)


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